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 Admission Open for 2023-24

Prabhudhan Degree College

Prabhudhan Degree College is considered to be the fulfilment of Late Shri. P.D. Agarwal Ji's vision (founder of TCI, Bhoruka Group and Bhoruka Charitable Trust) aims to provide the higher education needs of rural youths from his native place- Bhorugram. Education is the light which not only illuminates the body and soul of a human being but also the entire society and nation at large. Inspired by this idea the Trust established Bhoruram Jiram Das Public School (BRJD Public School) in 1976 at Bhorugram. Looking into the needs of higher education, Prabhudhan Degree College (PDDC) was inaugurated on 24th July 2012. Presently the college is a renowned multi-faculty, co-educational, bilingual college nurturing value-added education.

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Since 1976


"Prabhudhan Degree College shall be an Institution of Higher Learning committed to Excellence."


The Mission of Prabhudhan Degree College is to be the college of first choice,to provide high quality,students -centered education and life-long learning opportunities through a substantive, responsible and accessible learning environment. The college aims at inspiring, empowering and enhancing student's self-fulfillment and competitiveness levels in an increasingly global society. 


The college has been fulfilling its objectives by shaping the future of many individuals since its inception. Students with excellent academic programs. Stimulating curriculum and a supportive environment. A private yet affordable public school. Students experience success every day. Supportive environment to ensure full growth of students.

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