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Late. Shri P.D. Agarwal

1920 - 1982

Prabhu Dhan Degree College is the culmination of a vision held by Shri P.D. Agarwal, founder of TCI Bhoruka Group and Bhoruka Charitable Trust (BCT) to nurture the potential of the children from his native place-Bhorugram. As part of his work in rural development, he hoped to make an investment in the education of children and thus in 1976, the doors of learning at PDDC were opened. Perhaps Shri PDji was ahead of his time as he understood that in order to strengthen India’s development, investment must be made in children’s education in the villages. Late Shri PDji provided the opportunity & platform for children to receive a value based high-quality education and to excel in their life with a sense of world brotherhood.

His mission was to establish a World-Class College with a modern infrastructure that could bring out the hidden potential and talents of the country so they could shine throughout the world. He sensed liberalization and globalization much earlier than others in the world scenario hence the dream was visualized. The school has been fulfilling its objectives by shaping the future of many individuals since its inception.

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